“Elena Goptseva has worked for our family for over a year. She is giving piano lessons to our two daughters, ages 9 and 15. Elena is very committed and reliable. We have had other piano teachers in the past however she has been by far the best. She is able to distinguish the differences in their personalities and apply different strategies with each.

She has a very positive attitude and is extremely dedicated, caring, and passionate about her work.”

Christine Zgoba

“I have known Ms. Elena for over 3 years. She has been our private piano teacher for my boys who are 10 and 7 years of age.

I wanted to express how much we appreciate her musical knowledge, ability, responsibility, and demeanor as a piano teacher. During over 3 years of my children’s weekly lessons, Ms. Elena never cancelled her sessions except for the time when she traveled out of country. Ms. Elena is very friendly, easy to approach. She creates fun environment for the students in learning their lessons. She gives a lot of positive enthusiasm and encouragement with students, and she’s never negative about not practicing or playing incorrectly. She makes sure the kids are having fun with piano, especially with beginners”.

Jenny Kim, MD

“Elena Goptseva has been my eight-year-old son’s piano teacher since February 2007. During this time, my son has gone from playing a basic song by ear to reading music and playing more difficult songs. She encourages him to practice daily and reminds him that he will only get better if he does. Additionally, she is very accommodating when our schedule needs to be adjusted due to other summer activities.”

Deb Gates