AIM Aural Skills Practice Level 6

AIM Aural Skills Practice Level 6 is a set of audio recordings of Aural Skills exercises found in AIM Workbook level 6.

Each set of AIM Aural Skills Practice Audio Recordings has a page number that is indicated at the left top corner. Find this page in your workbook, play Audio Recordings and write your answers in the blank spaces. You can check your answers with Answer Keys found at the end of the book.

Here are some ways to prepare for the AIM Aural Skills Exercises and AIM Aural Skills Tests.

AIM Melody Playback

To memorize and play back a melody after it is played for you three times, listen the first two times and determine the following:

  1. The starting note (one of the notes from six notes of the scale)
  2. The general direction of the melody.
  3. The patterns formed by the notes: broken triads, intervals, stepping patterns, repeated notes, etc.
  4. The overall rhythmic design.

Then after a third playing, it will be easier to play back the melody from memory.

AIM Intervals

One of the best ways to remember the sound of different intervals is to sing them. To prepare for Aural skills exercises, play the first note of an interval, hear the second note in your mind, then sing or hum the second note out loud. Check your accuracy by playing the second note. For some intervals it may also help to use a song clue or relate the notes to the major scale.

AIM Chords

Try to sing the chords up and down. Listen not only the color and tension of each particular chord, but also to the quality of the 3rds that form the chord.

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AIM Exam Sample Test Practice

Print out Exam Sample Test sheets (click here to print). You will find Aural Skills Test and Written Test.

To complete Aural skills Test click on a link to the right, find playlist for level 6, listen to the audio recordings and fill in the the blanks. Level 6 Aural Skills Exam Test practice

After completing Aural Skills Test and Written Test you can check your answers with Answer Keys found hear.