Students have a great opportunity to showcase their talents by participating in various competitions and festivals. It is a great way to develop self-discipline and ability to work hard.
It is also a tool for developing character, as it takes perseverance, grit and resilience to do well. As a rule, mental toughness becomes second nature for a well-trained musician, who must perform consistently under stress and pressure.

At the end student receives a feeling of accomplishment and pride, as well as self-confidence and motivation.

Sonata Sonatina Festival

The Sonata-Sonatina Festival takes place at Harper College each November.  Students perform one or two movements of a sonata or sonatina, depending upon the level of the piece.  All students receive a ribbon, and high scores also receive a bronze, silver, or gold medal.  Students who receive a gold medal are eligible to participate in a Gold Medal Recital the following weekend.

All compositions must be performed from memory without repeats. If a movement is not memorized, a ribbon only will be awarded. Judges may deduct points for inappropriate attire/poor presentation (i.e. jeans, sweatshirts, beach sandals, etc.)

 A non-refundable $15.00 fee will be charged for each student.

Festival of Pianos

The Festival of Pianos is an annual multi-piano performance for NWSMTA members and their students.  It takes place on a Sunday afternoon in late September.

Students perform on six grand pianos at Northbrook Court, Northbrook, IL. Performers learn duets from the Festival Committee’s repertoire list, have one rehearsal, and then perform the next day in ensembles under the direction of a conductor. More than two hundred and fifty pianists perform each year in this Festival. Each performer receives a medal.

Registration fee is $30 per participant with a $50 maximum per family.

Festival of Pianos


Interested students with a serious approach have an opportunity to participate in various competitions (with recommendation from Elena Goptseva).

This includes local, state and national competitions, as well as  International Competitions.

For details please contact Elena Goptseva.