piano lessons

In Home Lessons are offered in 45 min. and 60 min. sessions. If a family has more than one child , 30 min. sessions are available for young beginners (4-6 years old) for the first year of study only.

It is very important for in home lessons to have comfortable environment for learning.

The most important part is an instrument. It should be an acoustic piano in a good condition and tuned  twice a year. To learn why an acoustic piano and not digital keyboard, please click here. To develop good posture and body awareness at the piano, student should  sit at the right height. That why a piano bench should be always adjustable. Young beginners must have a foot stool or a pedal extender.

Another important part is lighting. Piano room should be very well lit and piano light would be very helpful.

And finally, it should be absolutely quiet during a lesson and when a child is practicing. Please eliminate all distracting noises such as TVs, loud talking, young siblings playing, etc. It will  help to make piano lessons more productive and a child will be more focused and concentrated.

Students are expected to take a serious approach to the study establishing a regular practice schedule, memorizing pieces and planning ahead for recitals and other events. A minimum daily practice time of 20-30 min. is expected for all beginners. As student progresses to a new level of proficiency, practice time should be gradually increased from 45 min. to 2 hours. Lesson time should be gradually increased as well. To keep successful and steady progress and develop professional technique students are expected to practice on a well – maintained acoustic pianos, not electronic keyboards.

Parental support and assistance in practicing (especially for beginners) is vital. Parents should always be aware of student’s assignments, help with establishing daily practice schedule and making sure that the student is ready on time for public events. Parents are also responsible for providing an acoustic piano (not electronic keyboard/digital piano) and tuning at least once a year.