Elena Goptseva Piano Studio provides individual lessons in studio and in student’s home. Studio lessons are offered in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions.  30 minute lessons are given to younger beginners of 4,5,6 years of age for one year only.

In home lessons are offered in 45 or 60 minute sessions.

      PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES AND PRACTICING As part of taking private lessons, students are provided with many opportunities to perform throughout the year. Performances include group classes, studio recitals, master classes, festivals, examinations and if a student has a recommendation from Elena Goptseva, local, state and national competitions.

Students are expected to take a serious approach to the study establishing a regular practice schedule, memorizing pieces and planning ahead for recitals and other events. A minimum daily practice time of 20-30 min. is expected for all beginners. As student progresses to a new level of proficiency, practice time should be gradually increased from 45 min. to 2 hours. Lesson time should be gradually increased as well. To keep successful and steady progress and develop professional technique students are expected to practice on a well – maintained acoustic pianos, not electronic keyboards.

Parental support and assistance in practicing (especially for beginners) is vital. Parents should always be aware of student’s assignments, help with establishing daily practice schedule and making sure that the student is ready on time for public events. Parents are also responsible for providing an acoustic piano (not electronic keyboard/digital piano) and tuning at least once a year.

Parents and students are encouraged to listen recordings and attend public concerts, master classes, and other musical events in order to develop musical experience.

When attending studio recitals families should arrive promptly and avoid leaving during recitals. It is courteous to stay and listen to all the students perform. If you absolutely must leave early, please leave only during applause. Photo and video recordings are allowed from your seat or from the back or sides of the room.

ATTENDANCE Students are expected to attend lessons regularly. Elena Goptseva Piano Studio does not give credits for missed or cancelled lessons. If lessons cancelled due to sickness, death in the family or severe weather conditions, they will be made up. Students are allowed only one make-up lesson per month. Notification of inability to attend a lesson does not excuse payment for the lesson. Cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance. Make up lessons cancelled by the student will not be offered again. Lessons cancelled by instructor will be made up. Lessons are not given on Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Winter Break (from Dec.24 to Jan. 03) and Summer Break (Aug.1 to Aug.21). There is no charge for Holidays.In home lessons make ups will be provided if instructor’s schedule allows or it can be done in studio at a studio rate. No make ups are given for group classes. During Summer time students required to have at least 6 lessons.

MATERIALS Any materials loaned to the student must be returned in three (3) months after the borrowing date. If any materials loaned to the student are lost or damaged, parents are solely responsible to pay for the replacement value of the materials. If instructor provides a student with new books or materials, reimbursement is expected at the time of the lesson or included in a monthly tuition payment.